licensing opportunities


Goodbud Licensing Information

The Goodbud Brand (TGB) does provide licensing opportunities for individuals, groups, and/or companies. Each license is fully customized to best fit the needs of TGB and the licensee.

The Licensor (TGB), guarantees ownership of all Trademarks and other intellectual property (IP).  The IP is valid and enforceable. The IP does not infringe on other 3rd party rights.  Licensor also guarantees factual accuracy of any information related to TGB and/or IP.  The Licensor has the sole right to enter into any licensing agreement.  TGB will enforce protections for the Licensee.

A license may include selected designs and apparel, or the entire Licensor catalog of designs and apparel.

Types of licences offered:

Exclusive; Sole; Non-exclusive; Hybrid

Terms of license length:

1 yr; 2 yr; 3 yr; or other agreed upon

Licensee  is  granted:

Right  of  first  refusal

Right  of  first  negotiation 

Licensor  will  assist  IP  enforcement  for licensed  area

License  categories  include:

Country;  Region  of  country;  State(s);  Counties;  Specific  number  of  retail  locations

License  Financing  Options:

Up  front  payment  option  for  term  of  license

Yearly  payment  options

Royalty  options

Non-royalty  options

Milestone  payments

Other,  if  mutually  agreed  upon