About Us


Find Your High


The Goodbud  Brand, developed by Nick and Nate  Goodbud, was born out of frustration with the lack of fun,  yet subtle pro-pot apparel and products.  Most of the swag you find online, in stores, or at events is un-imaginative and obnoxious, using the same played-out themes and over-the-top  images.  We love and support the Cannabis  Community....but  even  we’re  not  bold  enough  to  wear  the  apparel  you  currently  find.   Ultimately,  we  thought  maybe there were others who felt the same as we did.


   So, after many  smoke-filled, creative evenings of discussing this dilemma and developing ideas  for  ourselves, we’ve decided to share our ideas with others in the Cannabis Community.  The culmination is The Goodbud Brand.  A refreshing  take on pro-pot apparel and products that are fun, entertaining, and subtle.  Apparel and products with themes and designs we think you’ll enjoy. 

     Our mission at The Goodbud Brand is to continue developing fresh and fun pro-pot apparel and products for Community members to show their pride and sense of humor, while supporting the medical and recreational marijuana movements.  With that, The Goodbud Brand welcomes you, and the other 500,000,000 + million members of the world-wide Cannabis Community to The Goodbud Brand!

Whether or not you find something you enjoy in The GoodBud Brand catalog, we’re proud and excited to be on this journey with you… and we still encourage you to “Find Your High!” 

-Nick  &  Nate Goodbud